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8 Easy Romanian Folk Embroidery Decorative Stitches

While some embroidery stitches are commonly used everywhere in the world – double feather, chain stitch, combined chain stitch, various types of filling and edging stitches, there are some regionally unique Romanian folk embroidery stitches here, such as punctul bătrânesc from the mountainous regions, or Sălişte stitch, particular to a ...

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9 Original Romanian Souvenirs to Take Home from Bucharest

Romanian Souvenirs

Finding original Romanian souvenirs to take home with you shouldn’t be hard work. Throughout history, a great diversity of traditions and customs have flourished in this land, most of which still go on. However, when sorting through the abundance of souvenirs on offer, you may have trouble separating out the fake from the genuine. ...

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Where to Find Original Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest

Romanian Handicrafts

Where to Find Authentic Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest Romania, with it’s rich folk traditions, has plenty of traditional handicrafts: ceramics, folk costumes, woodworks, painted eggs, leatherwork. Although Romania’s breeding ground for folk traditions is the countryside, Bucharest does have traditional local markets and shopping areas where you can find locally ...

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Who Brought the Floral Patterns to Bucovina?

Romanian Folk Art

Who Brought the Woven and Embroidered Floral Patterns to Bucovina? If you ever observed the Romanian traditional textiles from Bucovina, they have strong embroidered or woven floral patterns, as you’ve probably noticed already. Roses are the most popular and prevalent motifs on tapestry, rugs, table runners, waist belts and Romanian ...

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8 National Costumes of Romania

Romanian Traditional Costume

Romanian Traditional Costume from the Region of  Moldova  The peasant women’s blouses have ornaments arranged on chest, sleeves and shoulders (altiță and încreț) in one, two or more colors, with geometric, floral, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic patterns. The blouses worn on the hillside have raw silk embroideries on chest. A different style, ...

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