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9 Original Romanian Souvenirs to Take Home from Bucharest

Romanian Souvenirs

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Finding original Romanian souvenirs to take home with you shouldn’t be hard work. Throughout history, a great diversity of traditions and customs have flourished in this land, most of which still go on. However, when sorting through the abundance of souvenirs on offer, you may have trouble separating out the fake from the genuine. ...

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Where to Find Original Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest

Romanian Handicrafts

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Where to Find Authentic Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest Romania, with it’s rich folk traditions, has plenty of traditional handicrafts: ceramics, folk costumes, woodworks, painted eggs, leatherwork. Although Romania’s breeding ground for folk traditions is the countryside, Bucharest does have traditional local markets and shopping areas where you can find locally ...

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Old Time Romanian Leather Craftsmen

Leather Artisans

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Romanian Village’s Most Important Traditional Craftsmen: Leather Artisans (Skinners) Leather artisans’ work involved many processes of great complexity. To start with, the leather craftsmen were tanning the pelts and hides, an extremely tough process, especially when having to deal with a great number of raw hides. A week after, the tanned ...

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Haute Couture Leather Craftsman Demonstrates The Craft of a Folk Sheepskin Vest

Romanian Traditional Embroidery

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Romanian Traditional Leather Craftsman Demonstrates the Craft of Folk Sheepskin Vests  The folk sheepskin vest is made of the softest, most supple skin. There are a few Romanian skinners (furriers) left, who know the secrets of making these traditional classy waistcoats. As we met Constantin Juravle, a well known traditional artisan, we couldn’t ...

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Peasant Art Craft Strikes a Fashion Designer: A Couture Collection by Traditional Craftsmen

Traditional Craftsmen

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Romanian Traditional Craftsmen on Paris Catwalk In 2011, a Romanian peasant stepped up on the catwalk. He didn’t read any fashion magazine, doesn’t have any degree in fashion. He didn’t chase any couture stage dream. Yet, he made it to Paris. Skinner Constantin Juravle – A Haute Couture Artisan Constantin Juravle is a Romanian skinner ...

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The Traditional Craftsmanship of Romanian Lambskin Vests

Traditional Craftsmanship

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+The traditional craftsmanship of Romanian lambskin vests goes back to ancient times, since sheep fur, pelts and hide clothing have been handcrafted in this predominantly pastoral country. The need for winter dress serving both functional and aesthetic appeal had led to incredibly well executed traditional leather waistcoats by skilled leather ...

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Traditional Craftsman Making Leather Peasant Sandals

Peasant Sandals

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Peasant Sandals – The Craft of Eastern European Folk Shoes The thought of finding an old-fashioned shoemaker has been running through my mind for a while. The craft of peasant sandals has always aroused my interest. After hours of wandering the Romanian villages, looking for old style traditional artisans, while enduring ...

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Leather Artisan Explains the Basics of a Traditional Beaded Waistbelt

Romanian Craftsman

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Romanian craftsman Iosif Glogovski is a skilled leather artisan from Cacica, Bucovina. He has been working since 1958. During communism, he produced and distributed his leather products all over the country, as a cooperative worker. Since then, the request for horse harnesses decreased. He continued adapting his job to modern ...

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