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Healthy Artisanal Country Bread Baking Secrets

bread baking

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Healthy Artisanal Country Bread Baking Secrets Bread is one of the easiest 4-ingredient food most commonly eaten in all over the world. However, this simple food seems to carry a profound meaning with it. Bread is a christian symbol of Life through Christ’s sacrifice once for all:” I am the bread ...

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100-year-old Water Mill Makes Flour Using 100% Clean Energy

Water Mill

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Generations ago, a group of Hungarian colonists camped in North-Eastern Romania, on the left bank of the river Suceava. Legend says after the founding fathers asked for settlement approval from God, the village was named Istensegíts (lit. Thank God). Later on, name changed to Ţibeni, which comes from Ţibu, a ...

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Traditional Cheese Making at Romanian Sheepfold

traditional cheese making

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Traditional Cheese Making at Romanian Sheepfold Many sheepfolds in Romania continue to produce cheese in a traditional manner. The process itself is just an input from various bacteria. The hard work  goes into raising the sheep. In the village of Iaslovăț, Suceava County, sheep farmers George Coajă and his son, Ion, keep a flock ...

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Hay Making in Romania – Crafting Haystacks, Mowing, Scything

Romanian Countryside

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Hay Making in Romania – Crafting Haystacks, Mowing, Scything Old style agriculture involving the use of natural meadows is an example of perfect interaction between man and nature, one where nature thrives while offering the basic requirements of life. During summer, the fields of the Romanian countryside are full of ...

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Horse Hoeing Husbandry Traditional Weed Control Demonstration

Horse Hoeing

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+For rural people, the summer season is not a time to play. This is the busiest time of year, when families work the land to produce food for winter for them and their livestock. There are horses pulling carts charged with hay, people bent down in the field, cultivating, hoeing, ...

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How is Smoked Meat Made in Romania

Smoked Meat

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Traditional Romanian Smoking Meat Food Recipes from Mountain People During the XXth century, the Romanian peasants were smoking meat to preserve it. Fresh meat was consumed only one week after the sacrifice. Although they now have different ways of preserving it, the traditional smoked meat is still preferred for it’s ...

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At the Blacksmith – Horse Shoeing

Horse Shoeing

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Blacksmith Horse Shoeing in Old Style Romanian Village Workshop In rural Romania, having a horse is more important than a car. A horse is necessary for different activities, such as plowing the fields, carrying stalks, wood for winter and the family. Buying a horse can cost between $1500-$2000 and even ...

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Romanian Peasants Working the Hay

Traditional Agriculture

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Traditional Agriculture – Romanian Farmers Loading Hay into Horse Drawn Wagon In the Romanian countryside, many small farmers live a hardworking life. Their traditional farming practices hardly meet any modern technology or machines. They plow their fields with horses, and still pull weeds out by hand. Moreover, they try to ...

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