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5 Tips to Tell Handmade Clothing from Factory Made

Handmade clothing has been making a huge comeback. The average consumer seems to be looking for something more than mass produced items. They want to connect with the makers and get something that is personal. Since people have access to unique handmade clothing and gifts with the e-commerce sites and blogs promoting craftspeople’s and traditional handmade artisans’ work, resellers of factory made merchandise flooding the market are taking advantage of the trend with factory made goods passing as handmade. While identifying the deceivers is much more easier in person, by examining how a product feels, smells, the dye quality and colour, with long distance shopping it takes time, attention to details and even a sixth sense when sorting through the abundance of handmade clothing on offer. Here are 5 tips to tell factory made from  handmade clothing:

Handmade Clothing

  1. Little details make big difference

Little things make all the difference in handmade, where the smallest details have outsized impact on a finished product. They have some features you surely won’t find at your local Wallmart.

  1. Item description and pictures

Openness and transparency are key ingredients to build trust. Description should state who made the items, the techniques employed, the materials used and a story, whether it is the story of the product, or whether the story of it’s maker. Close up pictures, with focus on details, can tell if the maker is proud of the product, or maybe they have something to hide.

  1. If price is too low to be true, it probably isn’t

Mass production resulted in lower prices of consumer goods, while a hand sewn, or a hand woven piece of clothing is going to cost more than something someone bought from a factory that mass produces stuff.

  1. Number of products available in stock

Check the number of products ready to ship. If they have unlimited stock and do not offer a custom made option, then  you should dig deeper.

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  1. Mass made products were handmade somewhere

But if we take a look at the exploitation of people in thirld world factories, the  working time, horrific working conditions, all this misery in the name of fashion, you might want to reconsider the real meaning of handmade. Handmade, I believe, is when someone comfortably crafts something with love, passion and not when people working in  diapers , not being allowed to use the bathroom. We buy products with a story, dont we?

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