Leather Artisan Explains the Basics of a Traditional Beaded Waistbelt

Romanian Craftsman

Romanian craftsman Iosif Glogovski is a skilled leather artisan from Bukowina. He has been working since 1958. During communism, he produced and distributed his leather products all over the country, as a cooperative worker. Since then, the request for horse harnesses decreased. He continued adapting his job to modern times ...

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How Is A Primitive Yarn Skein Winder Put To Work

Yarn Skein Winder

After we dove into the creative world of traditional fiber arts while watching textile artisan Manoilă Aurica loom weaving a Romanian blouse, her primitive skein winder caught my attention. Read more Manoila Aurica Demonstrates The Ancient Art of Weaving Romanian Blouse I like every old tool, especially weaving tools, and I’m impressed to see ...

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Authentic Peasant Demonstrates The Ancient Art of Weaving Romanian Blouse

Romanian Blouse

How is The Romanian Blouse Made There are two types of objects in the world: those which break the time barrier, and those which don’t. The things that you throw away without remorse and the things that you choose to keep forever. But some of these things are emotionally charged in ways that command wide recognition. ...

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2 Legendary Romanian Traditional Blouse Cuttings

Blouse Cuttings

IA, the Romanian traditional blouse, represent the main piece of the national folk dress, with double meaning: the underwear for the lower part of the body; an ornamental top. The extensions (underwear) can be found separated, sewn  or built-in. Based on their cutting, these tops are divided into two main groups: Traditional Blouse ...

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