The Craft of Traditional Wall Carpets in Romania and Republic of Moldova

Wall Carpets

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Traditional wall carpets craftsmanship of Romania and the Republic of Moldova has prevailed among peasants, as stated by historian and art critic G. Oprescu in “L’art du paysan roumain” (Bucharest,  1937, p 63). Written evidence suggests the presence of specialized weaving settlements before the mid-20 century, of full time weavers, both ...

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8 Easy Romanian Folk Embroidery Decorative Stitches

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+While some embroidery stitches are commonly used everywhere in the world – double feather, chain stitch, combined chain stitch, various types of filling and edging stitches, there are some regionally unique Romanian folk embroidery stitches here, such as punctul bătrânesc from the mountainous regions, or Sălişte stitch, particular to a ...

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5 Tips to Tell Handmade Clothing from Factory Made

Handmade Clothing

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Handmade clothing has been making a huge comeback. The average consumer seems to be looking for something more than mass produced items. They want to connect with the makers and get something that is personal. Since people have access to unique handmade clothing and gifts with the e-commerce sites and blogs ...

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Demonstration of Hand Combing Wool with Antique Combs

Combing Wool

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+19 YO Romanian Traditional Textile Artisan Vladimir Andrei demonstrates Combing Wool Wool fibers have been around since ancient times and are making a comeback, as people are becoming aware of problems associated with synthetic products. There are not only signs of revived interest, but also an increasing number of fiber artists already experimenting ...

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88 Yo Man Has Built a Wool Carding Machine from Scratch

Wool Carding Machine

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Constantin Pârghi, a former Romanian rail worker from Vicovul de Sus, Suceava County, aged 88, built his own wool carding machine from scratch. It was an unpleasant situation that started the timeline. Back in 1972, the most rural people would process and spin their own threads. With lots of wool going ...

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Traditional Textiles Weaving Demonstration in the Romanian Villages

Traditional Textiles

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Villages are still the heart of the Romanian folk costumes and traditional textiles, where weaving was once considered a full time occupation. Things have rapidly changed over the years though. After the fall of Communism, part of the rural population have migrated into the urban areas and outside the country. ...

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9 Original Romanian Souvenirs to Take Home from Bucharest

Romanian Souvenirs

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Finding original Romanian souvenirs to take home with you shouldn’t be hard work. Throughout history, a great diversity of traditions and customs have flourished in this land, most of which still go on. However, when sorting through the abundance of souvenirs on offer, you may have trouble separating out the fake from the genuine. ...

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5 Romanian Pottery Ceramics Workshops to Visit in Romania

Romanian Pottery

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+5 Romanian Pottery Ceramics Workshops to Visit in Romania A great diversity of Romanian pottery workshops and centers steeped in ancient history are open to visitors. If you are interested in Romanian traditional ceramics, here are 5 places to visit that are not a tourist trap: Burnt Clay Pottery from ...

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Where to Find Original Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest

Romanian Handicrafts

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Where to Find Authentic Romanian Handicrafts in Bucharest Romania, with it’s rich folk traditions, has plenty of traditional handicrafts: ceramics, folk costumes, woodworks, painted eggs, leatherwork. Although Romania’s breeding ground for folk traditions is the countryside, Bucharest does have traditional local markets and shopping areas where you can find locally ...

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