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The Romanian Traditional Clothing

Romanian Traditional Clothing  – Women’s folkwear in the north

Romanian Traditional Clothing
Romanian Traditional Clothing, Village of Iaslovăț, Bucovina, 1956

The women wear beaded or embroidered long sleeve blouses, made of cotton, or linen. In Bucovina, a long cotton or wool skirt is wrapped over the blouse. A woolen belt serves to hold the skirt in place. The peasant lifestyle is highly-related to the climate area they live in. The woolen wrap round skirt, worn in Bucovina, Moldavia and mountain areas serves to protect against the cold. Even the architecture and design of the peasant cottages were strongly influenced by the weather conditions.

For head wear, the women are wearing different wool, silk shawls, babushka scarves.
In the past, they used to wear embroidered towels made of hemp, organic cotton or wool, even silver coins headwear.

The Men’s Traditional Costume In The Region Of Bucovina

Traditional Textiles of Romania
1960’s Men in National Costume: Woven Blouse, Tight White Woven Pants, Embroidered Leather Waistcoat and Leather Waist Belt

It’s made of a long blouse, woven on a loom, worn over the tight white wool or cotton pants. The blouse is held at the waist by a wide leather or textile belt.

They cover their heads with lamb fur hats.

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Similar Clothing Elements For Both Men And Women

Romanian Folk Costumes
Romanian Wedding Ritual from 1960’s Bukowina: Jocul Vatajeilor ( The Groom’s Friends Dance) Men in Woolen Trench Coats; Women in Leather Waistcoats.
  • In spring and autumn, they cover their bodies with unisex lamb fur lined waistcoats (bundiță).
  • On their feet, both men and women wear wool socks and leather peasant sandals (opinci).
  • In winter, they wear unisex lamb leather fur lined white short coats (cojoc).
  • Over their waistcoats, they wear simple patterns unisex wool trench coats (suman).
  • Men also wear a capuchin hooded wool coat (manta), designed with specific territorial patterns. The hood is worn for a head protection, it comes over the hat.

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  • Romanian Dress
    A 100 Years Old Picture of Romanian People in Traditional Costumes from Bukowina

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