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Romanian Traditional Weaving with Heddle Rods and Weaving Swords

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Romanian Traditional Weaving with Heddle Rods and Weaving Swords

I never doubted that people put a lot of time and effort into making traditional garments. But finding three women weaving a traditional skirt together was beyond my imagination. They invest so much work into it!

traditional weaving

This is an old custom in the Romanian villages, when traditional weavers used to gather and work together, doing different activities like wool spinning, loom weaving and making decorational handicraft. On the other hand, this would not include embroidery of blouses. They were made in privacy and kept hidden very well for great events in the village life.

Romanian Villages

Iustina, Veronica and Casandra are gathering at Veroica’s place to weave beautiful and intricate patterns.

In a previous article, we saw Iustina spinning the silk yarn in preparation for weaving, and winding balls of yarn.

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She does all the steps to set up the loom and to prepare the yarn for weaving. They use acrylic  fibers and weave patterns with metallic and silk yarn.

loom weaving

Veronica is weaving and Casandra is picking up the pattern, by use of heddle rods and weaving swords.

Traditional Weavers

The heddle rods are placed under the warp and tied to loops of fine cords, which pass through the appropriate warp threads.

traditional weaving

If the heddle rod is pulled downwards, the appropriate warp threads are all lowered at once.

heddle rods

traditional weavers

She inserts the weaving sword in the space created between the upper and lower warp yarns and turns the stick so that it is vertical, creating the pattern shed.

Romanian Traditional Clothing

The number of heddle rods depends on the complexity of the pattern.

Romanian Traditional Weaving with Heddle Rods and Weaving Swords – VIDEO

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They follow old patterns from original vintage blouses. Working together, it takes up to 5 days to finish a skirt. Veronica unfolds a finished one, explaining that each row of the border pattern, the grapevine was handpicked.

Romanian Traditional Clothing

Then she pulls out an apron for old women. Traditionally, old women would wear aprons with narrow motifs, whereas young women would prefer a rich ornamentation.

Romanian Traditional Clothing

The next one has a pattern is known as biscuits.

Romanian Traditional Clothing

They enjoy finding different patterns on Romanian traditional clothing, paying attention to the smallest details and even adding crochet borders.

Romanian Traditional Clothing

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