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3 Tips to Choose Authentic Rustic Home Decor

3 Tips to Choose Authentic Rustic Home Decor

Over the past four years, I have come across different antique and vintage collectibles. Five months after my husband and I met, we were already gathering vintage, traditional garments, rustic home decor and many tools for spinning, weaving and farming. We even have a complete loom and started blogging out of passion for these primitive tools. Here at PeasantArtCraft, I write about old fashioned crafts which employ some interesting examples of old time tools.

Along with the explosion of interest in collecting antiques, many of these dusty rustic items were brought down from the attics. Whether you came up with an original idea for a project, or whether you want to display unique pieces in your home, it’s important to know these 3 things to consider before making a purchase.

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  1. The older, the better

As with any other type of antique, age is an important consideration. A maker’s mark found on a piece becomes a means of dating it.

But how could you date handmade objects, which were made by peasants for their own use and don’t have any mark?

That doesn’t mean they don’t have any value, it’s just that some people are not aware of it. You would be surprised to know that famous auction houses have introduced rustic pieces dating back to XIXth and XXth century.

And you don’t have to be an expert to sense what objects are worth your attention.  There are features, such as a well worn patina, with aged cracks in wood, some irregularities to the surface, indicating that the piece was crafted by hand and is authentic. A perfect finish points to it being machine cut, which means it’s not very valuable, even if it’s an old item.

2.  Examine the joinery

If glue or metal nails have been used to put the pieces together, then the item is more likely to have no value. An authentic example has wooden nails and joineries don’t involve the use of glue.

3. Was it painted or varnished? Does it have any flaws?

Check for chips, hidden repairs and other defects that will lower the value. Improper painting, varnishing or spraying can decrease or even destroy the value of some pieces. Restoration, if required, must be done only by experts in the field. One of the most important assets is the beautiful time patina, so think twice before covering or removing it.

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Recommended Shops

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Searching  through thousands of results might take some time and effort to differentiate authentic products from the fake. Still, there are shops that sell some interesting pieces. Take a shop like RusticHomeDeco. I nearly fell off the chair when I saw this giant mug. There are some reeds, spinning wheels, spindles, shuttles, a big, antique dough bowl made from a single piece of wood and trays, that’s definitely worth your attention.

Another favorite shop is VintagePresents, where you can find more rustic home decor items, antique dough bowls and trays, wooden tankards with wooden hoops, wheels and spoons, wooden shuttles, spindles and some bobbin winders.

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