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50 Beaded Embroidery Patterns on Romanian Peasant Blouses

Beaded Embroidery

Intricate Handmade Beaded Embroidery Patterns on Romanian Peasant Blouses from the regions of Bucovina and Oltenia Found on very old textiles of Romania, featuring floral designs. The beaded blouses embellished with such generosity were worn to weddings and celebrations. Simply unique, and you can figure it out by looking at the beads: tiny, ...

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Authentic Peasant Demonstrates The Ancient Art of Weaving Romanian Blouse

Romanian Blouse

How is The Romanian Blouse Made There are two types of objects in the world: those which break the time barrier, and those which don’t. The things that you throw away without remorse and the things that you choose to keep forever. But some of these things are emotionally charged in ways that command wide recognition. ...

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2 Legendary Romanian Traditional Blouse Cuttings

Blouse Cuttings

IA, the Romanian traditional blouse, represent the main piece of the national folk dress, with double meaning: the underwear for the lower part of the body; an ornamental top. The extensions (underwear) can be found separated, sewn  or built-in. Based on their cutting, these tops are divided into two main groups: Traditional Blouse ...

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