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8 National Costumes of Romania

Romanian Traditional Costume

Romanian Traditional Costume from the Region of  Moldova  The peasant women’s blouses have ornaments arranged on chest, sleeves and shoulders (altiță and încreț) in one, two or more colors, with geometric, floral, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic patterns. The blouses worn on the hillside have raw silk embroideries on chest. A different style, ...

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Old Time Romanian Leather Craftsmen

Leather Artisans

Romanian Village’s Most Important Traditional Craftsmen: Leather Artisans (Skinners) Leather artisans’ work involved many processes of great complexity. To start with, the leather craftsmen were tanning the pelts and hides, an extremely tough process, especially when having to deal with a great number of raw hides. A week after, the tanned ...

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11 Romanian Costumes from Muntenia

Romanian Peasant Costumes

Romanian Costumes from the region of Muntenia Standing at the crossroads of the commercial routes linking Orient and Occident, manufactured goods were exchanged for raw materials produced in the region of Muntenia. Because of its geographical position, in the late 18’th century, Muntenia gains access to craft supplies, such as metallic thread ...

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2 Legendary Romanian Traditional Blouse Cuttings

Blouse Cuttings

IA, the Romanian traditional blouse, represent the main piece of the national folk dress, with double meaning: the underwear for the lower part of the body; an ornamental top. The extensions (underwear) can be found separated, sewn  or built-in. Based on their cutting, these tops are divided into two main groups: Traditional Blouse ...

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