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8 Easy Romanian Folk Embroidery Decorative Stitches

While some embroidery stitches are commonly used everywhere in the world – double feather, chain stitch, combined chain stitch, various types of filling and edging stitches, there are some regionally unique Romanian folk embroidery stitches here, such as punctul bătrânesc from the mountainous regions, or Sălişte stitch, particular to a ...

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50 Beaded Embroidery Patterns on Romanian Peasant Blouses

Beaded Embroidery

Intricate Handmade Beaded Embroidery Patterns on Romanian Peasant Blouses from the regions of Bucovina and Oltenia Found on very old textiles of Romania, featuring floral designs. The beaded blouses embellished with such generosity were worn to weddings and celebrations. Simply unique, and you can figure it out by looking at the beads: tiny, ...

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Haute Couture Leather Craftsman Demonstrates The Craft of a Folk Sheepskin Vest

Romanian Traditional Embroidery

Romanian Traditional Leather Craftsman Demonstrates the Craft of Folk Sheepskin Vests  The folk sheepskin vest is made of the softest, most supple skin. There are a few Romanian skinners (furriers) left, who know the secrets of making these traditional classy waistcoats. As we met Constantin Juravle, a well known traditional artisan, we couldn’t ...

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A Romanian Woman Has Sewn Literally Hundreds of Traditional Embroideries

Traditional Embroideries

Textile Artisan Floarea Ilițoi Has Sewn Literally Hundreds of Traditional Embroideries Floarea Ilițoi from Cajvana, Suceava County, has been sewing since she was seven years old. Today, at the age of 65, her huge collection of Romanian blouses counts hundreds of items, and still growing. With the support and help of ...

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Amazing Heavy Beaded Embroidery Work on Romanian Blouse Performed by Traditional Artisan

Beaded Embroidery Work

Peasant Woman Demonstrates Heavy Beaded Embroidery Work on Romanian Blouse The Romanian peasant women were spending the cold winter days at home, sewing their clothes. Each one of them had a single goal: to be the most beautiful girl at the prom. They were not showing the blouse to anyone, protecting ...

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Leather Artisan Explains the Basics of a Traditional Beaded Waistbelt

Romanian Craftsman

Romanian craftsman Iosif Glogovski is a skilled leather artisan from Cacica, Bucovina. He has been working since 1958. During communism, he produced and distributed his leather products all over the country, as a cooperative worker. Since then, the request for horse harnesses decreased. He continued adapting his job to modern ...

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