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Demonstration of Hand Combing Wool with Antique Combs

Combing Wool

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+19 YO Romanian Traditional Textile Artisan Vladimir Andrei demonstrates Combing Wool Wool fibers have been around since ancient times and are making a comeback, as people are becoming aware of problems associated with synthetic products. There are not only signs of revived interest, but also an increasing number of fiber artists already experimenting ...

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88 Yo Man Has Built a Wool Carding Machine from Scratch

Wool Carding Machine

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Constantin Pârghi, a former Romanian rail worker from Vicovul de Sus, Suceava County, aged 88, built his own wool carding machine from scratch. It was an unpleasant situation that started the timeline. Back in 1972, the most rural people would process and spin their own threads. With lots of wool going ...

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19 Years Old Vladimir Andrei Does Preparation and Spinning Hemp Fibers

Hemp Fibers

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+19 Years Old Romanian Textile Artisan Vladimir Andrei Does Preparation and Spinning Hemp Fibers As we approach a third industrial revolution, the era of the robots doing people’s tasks and 3D printers creating everything, it is important to understand that we must preserve our age-old knowledge. People who still practice traditional ...

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5 Forgotten Properties of Hemp Fabric that Make It a Top Quality Textile

Traditional Textiles of Romania

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+5 Forgotten Properties of Hemp Fabric that Make It a Top Quality Textile Nowadays, people are waking up to the injustice that has been done in the past century. Hemp activists scream out the benefits of the “world’s most extraordinary plant”. You would be surprised to know that over 25000 ...

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Here’s How the Antique Yarn Winders Work

Yarn Winders

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+Romanian Traditional Fiber Arts Demonstration of How Yarn Winders Work How often we see primitive yarn winders in use? Thinking back a few years, when watching these antique yarn winders in museums, little did I know that some families have held stubbornly to some of the old ways of weaving. Experiences, ...

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Old Traditional Methods of Processing Hemp into Fabric

Processing Hemp

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+A peasant’s existence was based on growing and processing hemp, linen and other natural, organic fibers. Women were trained into traditional fiber arts since childhood. Hemp fiber was often used to make towels, peasant blouses for men and women, tight summer pants for men, ropes and different items they needed to wear ...

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How Is A Primitive Yarn Skein Winder Put To Work

Yarn Skein Winder

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditGoogle+After we dove into the creative world of traditional fiber arts while watching textile artisan Manoilă Aurica loom weaving a Romanian blouse, her primitive skein winder caught my attention. Read more Manoila Aurica Demonstrates The Ancient Art of Weaving Romanian Blouse I like every old tool, especially weaving tools, and I’m impressed to see ...

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