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Inside The Village Museum of Maramureș – Where Houses Tell Their Own Stories

Most people don’t necessarily consider life in the country as something cool, fun or entertaining. A place where the old prevails is not somewhere you travel for fun, right? Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The countryside has plenty of surprises in store. And, as a rule of thumb, the older a place is, the more interesting it gets. But the old traditional cottages weren’t built to last forever. Many were about to fall down, but this Village Museum wouldn’t let it.

maramures village
Maramureș Village Museum

The open air museum, located as you enter the town of Sighetu Marmației, has become one of the few places in Romania, where visitors can get familiar with the Maramureș countryside, the local wood architecture and traditional ways, discovering habitations from the 17th  and 18th centuries, which have been displaced from their original location and  carefully restored with traditional methods and materials.

village museum

The village museum exhibits Jewish, Slavic, Hungarian, German, and Romanian houses, barns and other farm buildings. Those open for inspection are decorated with early tools and handmade textiles.

traditional carving

Gate and doorway carvings, textiles and tools show diligent care and effort of people from yesteryear.

carved loom

This is a fine example of a geometrical pattern that had been  painstakingly carved into the surface of a loom.

carved loom

carved loom

Some of the writing on gates and house facades indicate the construction year, as if people were more concerned in informing the posterity.

village museum maramures

Originally built in the 19th century, on the Cosău Valley, this hand hewn home is conserved exactly how it used to be 200 years ago.

romanian traditional carpets

The dowry is proudly showcased in the „clean room”, also knows as „the dowry room”.

romanian tapestry

Bright-colored carpets with geometric designs, bordered by rows of anthropomorphic or human representations turn the interiors into vivid and exciting living spaces.

maramures village

Shaggy wool blankets specific to Maramureș are used for warmth and decoration of the bed area.

traditional home decor

Shepherding was so common, that even today we see houses stuffed with wool textiles.

maramures village

What makes this place unique is it is not the typical museum, but rather resembles an old village in a superb hillside setting. It’s a peaceful place to wander and learn the ways of the past, which fascinate! If this rammer oil press doesn’t astonish you, I don’t know what will.

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maramures countryside

There is even a lake and an old church located on top of a hill there. It is an enjoyable way of studying the local architecture, furniture and old tools from the days of yore.

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maramures village

maramures village

village museum

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romanian traditional decor

wool heckle
Wool Heckle

spoon rack

romanian traditional decor

dowry room

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